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    The beauty about about Reading 10 Qs
    Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2002 13:48:04 -0600

    The beauty about Reading 10 Qs is that you are always ahead of curve.

    For example GE

    We knew from after 9/11, BA has a lot less orders, so it will hurt GE engines, (This was more than 1 year ago)

    Utilities started downturn last year, electricity price down, utilities cut CapEx, so it will hurt GE power plant turbo engine business.

    When u read 10 Qs, u would see how much GE was making through different area and how those were going to hurt it.

    For almost 3 years, GE has no growth in sales, and it shows an enormous growth in debt.

    So last year when I said GE would be halved, nobody believed me.

    Same thing happened when I said JNPR would be 5 over Mei-gu-lun-tan 11 months ago, those people laugh at me like an idiot.

    I still remember when I posted ” JNPR is 18 away from 5″, another “smart” guy posted “MSFT is 63 away from 1”

    They thought it was impossible for JNPR to be 5, just like it was impossible for MSFT to be 1!

    I spent a lot of time in telecomm, I read JNPR 10 Qs, RBOCs 10 Qs and I read CSCO’s and John Chambers was talking about gaining mkt shares from JNPR in Arizona on January 6th. Nobody listened. The only thing in front of their eyes were a few curves.

    Another thing is NXTL, many benefited from my call. Some like Susan Wang who never read 200 words a day was telling NXTL would go under! “cut meat” “hold to death” (Bankruptcy was the title of some media when they talked about NXTL at the time.)

    But if u read NXTL 10 Qs, how could that happen?
    Huge EBITDA, EBITDA increase sequentially, debt mature late, CapEx could be controlled, Network capacity enough to at least 12 million customers, Highest growth rate, lowest churn rate, highest profit margin, company reaffirmed.

    That is the beauty of reading 10 Qs!

    If you predicted GE correctly; if you predicted JNPR correctly; You would not be too far off with the market.

    So everybody, please read for your money!!

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